Geometric Shape Glass Terrarium Planter Pot for Indoor Gardening


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Elegant glass pyramid shaped terrarium is perfect for holding plants or other objects, and can serve as a stylish and modern centerpiece by itself.

Features an elegant and minimalist pyramid shape with a metal frame, glass walls, placing items inside.

Use as a terrarium for succulent plants or air plants, or as a display for CASE for other small decorative objects.

Artistic polyhedron terrarium for holding plants like succulent, fern, moss, cacti, tillandsias, air plants, etc.

Perfect display box for weddings, holidays, parties, offices, and home decor. Great gift idea for greenary or art lovers!


Size: 16.5*15*28cm

Material: Glass

Color: Black

Used With: Flower/Green Plant

Style: Modern Style

Package: 1pc

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